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Red Coral

red coralA good Coral is opaque red, is perfectly round or oval and regular; is smooth, and emits lovely splendorous sheen. It is composed primarily of the mineral calcite.

Nomenclature & Origin
Red Coral is the gemstone of Mars. It tones with Mars (Mangal), which is like a general with its focus on precision and power in activity. It derives its name Red Coral (Moonga) from its vermilion (sindoori) colour.

Metaphysical, Mystical & Healing Power
Red Coral gemstone with its red rays ensures material happiness, recovery from diseases indicated by Mars such as fever, cough etc. It eliminates laziness. It is believed that the Red Coral warns the wearer of coming ill health by changing its colour. Red Coral prevents from bad dreams and nightmares. It also helps in curing blood related diseases.

Red Coral (Moonga) makes a person courageous and a conqueror of enemies. It is responsible for activity, energy, courage, ambition, sports, property, strength, technical ability, forcefulness, bravery, motivation, charisma and leadership. The wearer of Red Coral succeeds in getting rid of indolence and flourishes in life.

Astonishing Results
Wearing a Red Coral has ensured a ray of hope for those who were hopeless about future, and were struggling in life. It has the potential to confer triumph, energy and eternity.

7.25 Ratti (Carat)

Alpha Beta Gamma
USD 200 USD 100 USD 60
(With Authentic Certificate) (With Authentic Certificate) (With Authentic Certificate)

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