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The word Rudraksha originated by the amalgamation of two words, 'RUDRA' and 'AKSHA", where Rudra is Lord Shiva and Aksha is 'tear'. It is said that the tree of Rudraksha was born from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. As per the Vedic scriptures, the Rudraksha can invalidate the effects of malefic planets to a large extent. Rudraksha of any Mukhi can never do any harm to the wearer.

Rudraksha trees are mostly found in South Eastern Asian and South Asia. There are clefts called Mukhi of the beads and it is their number that helps in ascertaining its quality. Asians have used Rudraksha beads traditionally. Asian Yogis and Monks found that merely wearing the Rudraksha beads gave them astoundingly stupendous amount of serenity, concentration that helped them meditate for a longer period of time with incredible control over their mind.
One Mukhi
One MukhiThis Rudraksha, with the properties that of the Elevator, brings in luxury, affluence, fame, colossal power, massive confidence and spiritual fortification to the wearer. It builds leadership qualities in a person and elevates him to prosperity, fortune as well as will power. Paralysis, stroke and other diseases related to head are prevented with the use of this Rudraksha.
Two Mukhi
Two MukhiControlling the deteriorating effects of the Moon, this Rudraksha, renowned as the Controller is beneficial for left eye, intestinal and kidney disorders. It is the harbinger of fertility among the women who had been deprived of the bliss of children since long. It accounts for the fulfillment of material desires in couple. For enhancing the love and accord among the couples, this Rudraksha is demanded highly across the globe.
Three Mukhi
Three Mukhi Renowned to impart physical vigour, this Rudraksha acts as a purifier in every sense of the term. It has an effective healing effect on epilepsy and Parkinson disease. It also boosts brain related faculties such as memory, creative intelligence and concentration. It drives away ill-luck, tensions and also purifies sins. It is also a great source of wisdom.
Four Mukhi
Four Mukhi This conjurer among the Rudrakshas bestows the wearer with ingenuity and the power of meditation. It enables the wearer to follow a concrete, logical and positive thinking. At the same time, it is renowned to strengthen concentration, public speaking, work efficiency, wit and sexual potency among the people. The diseases originating from cerebellum, medulla oblongata and hypothalamus are discarded with the use of it.
Five Mukhi
Five Mukhi The restorer of material wealth to one's life, the five mukhi Rudraksha is the sure shot way to gain opulence. Blessed by Rudra, this Rudraksha, otherwise known as the healer conjures up all the energies for the maintenance of a good health. The five basic emotions Lobha (Greed), Kama (Lust), Krodha (Anger), Moha (Attachment) and Ahankar (Ego) are healed by the use of this gem. It cures the people of stress, eczema, anxiety, gastric ulcer and more.
Six Mukhi
Six MukhiKnown as the Charger, the six mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial in bringing in academic and professional success. Fulfillment of dreams and accomplishment of a luxurious life becomes an easy task for the wearer of this rudraksha. The expansion of love, creativity, attraction is sure to be achieved by the wearer of this gemstone. It feeds the artistic sense of the wearer and he/she develops a love for music, literature, arts, etc.
Seven Mukhi
Seven MukhiThe consecrator among the fifteen renowned Rudrakshas, the Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is known for its traits of peace, pleasure, success, exuberance, forbearance, simplicity and happiness. Showering immense wealth and prosperity on the wearer, this Rudraksha is beneficial in warding off fatal diseases and achieve longevity. It prevents the person from cough, cold, rheumatism, bronchitis, pyorrhea and TB.

Eight Mukhi
Eight Mukhi This Rudraksha known for its converting attributes demolishes impediments and malevolence. It strengthens the will power of the wearer to such an extent that even a foe will turn into a friend. It helps the wearer get rid of arrogance, pride and egoism. It cures stomach troubles, mental diseases and insomnia.

Nine Mukhi
Nine MukhiThis Rudraksha is the form of goddess Durga. The perfect cure for lung disorders, fever, pain of bowel, body and skin diseases, this Rudraksha is gaining popularity across the globe. It boosts self power, makes the person fearless and enhances the concentration of the person. The wearer is bestowed with salvation and devotion.
Ten Mukhi
Ten Mukhi Representing Lord Narayana, The Ten Mukhi Rudraksha helps the wearer overcome difficult times and generates a protective shield against the person and his family. It is renowned to keep the wearer away from evil spirits, ghosts and black magic. It boosts the concentration power of the wearer and empowers meditation and devotion in him.
Eleven Mukhi
Eleven Mukhi It helps the wearer get rid off the malefic effects of the Saturn. Renowned to kill evil powers and sin, it enhances the learning powers, cleverness, wisdom, virtues of the wearer. It is the source of permanent happiness for the wearer. It also increases the courage and confidence of the user.
Twelve Mukhi
Twelve MukhiThe wearer of this Rudraksha is sure to be knowledgeable and wealthy. Used widely by the administrators, this rudraksha is high on demand among them. As a matter of fact, for bestowing leadership qualities, this Rudraksha is used by businessmen and aspirants in the same field. The use of this Rudraksha increases motivation and portrays a clear self image of the person.

Thirteen Mukhi
Thirteen Mukhi Proved by the chemical sciences, this Rudraksha is beneficial in every sense of the term. The use of this Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with honour and fulfillment of earthly desires. The wearer achieves meditation and spirituality. It enhances the material power of the wearer and keeps the assets secure for the lifetime.
Fourteen Mukhi
Fourteen Mukhi The wearer of this Rudraksha is bestowed with a sixth sense by means of which he becomes able to foresee into the future. It strengthens the decision making capacity of the wearer and his decisions never fail after its use. It prevents the wearer against calamities, worries and miseries. It helps the wearer attain 'Moksha' i.e. salvation.
Fifteen Mukhi
Fifteen MukhiRelated to the fifteen tithi, this Rudraksha brings in power and success to the wearer. It enables the wearer to enhance the activity of his brain and intelligence. The chances for attainment of power and success for the wearer multiplies. It restores comfort and happiness for the wearer in all spheres of life.
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