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Gem Stone

Gone are the days when the rings and pendants were used to be of pure gold and silver. Now the trend is to embellish them with gemstones, be it for decorative purposes or discarding the evil forces out of your lives. A gemstone, a precious mineral is also a favorite jewel popular among the people. Over the years, the gemstones have been used by the people as a cure for their diseases and to bring in peace and prosperity to their lives. Lustrous and hard, the gemstones are of immense aesthetic value and are rare in nature. Some of the features on the basis of which gemstones are classified are- refractive index, specific gravity, dispersion, cleavage, hardness, luster and fracture. The clarity and the colour of the raw gemstones are enhanced by making them pass through tests of heat, radiation, waxing, oiling and fracture filling. Nowadays, a number of gemstones are prepared by synthetic methods of which Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite and artificially manufactured Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are the best examples.
American Diamond
American DiamondOften associated with the luxuries of life, with wealth, romance, material assets, art, jewellery and beauty, American Diamond is a widely demanded gemstone that is renowned to harmonise the planet Sukra or Venus. This substitute for diamond is worn by those born on 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month. This gemstone helps the people in their effective execution of their planned objectives, grab the essence of things and it also increases our courage. It brings in nobility of character, marital happiness and optimism in thought.

Blue Sapphire
Blue SapphireThe stone for the people born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and Capricorn, 'Neelam' or 'Saturn's Gemstone' as Blue Sapphire is generally known as, rules the West direction. More effective than most other gems, Blue Sapphire is effective against eradication of diseases, sorrows, faults and poverty. It is the harbinger of prosperity, strength and glory to one's life. Associated with fertility, the Blue Sapphire is known to be productive for women as well as fields. It benefits the hearing and eyesight of the people and builds up the stamina.
Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye Resembling a cat's eye, this gemstone, also known as Lehsunia, harmonizes one of the shadowy nodes i.e. 'Ketu'. Trusted and tested by millions, Cat's eye is renowned to drive away mysterious dangers, diseases and hidden enemies. It promotes an abstract thinking, asceticism, liberation, wisdom and enlightenment on the wearer. Being a quickly acting gemstone, Cat's eye is powerful in bringing in immense business profits to the people.
DiamondThe best friend of a woman, diamond has surpassed the boundaries of embellishment to enter into the domain of astrological significance. Associated to the number 6, diamonds are known to strengthen a weak Venus. The benefits of diamonds hugely depend upon the flawlessness, radiance and luster of the stone. Diamonds are the harbingers of material wealth, comfort and prosperity. It also brings in marital happiness, mental and physical purity, artistic creativity, fearlessness and patience. One of the chief reasons for its popularity is the notion of it increasing the life span of a person. Being a supporter of conjugal life, diamonds are the favourite item to be gifted among the couples.
Emerald Green in colour, Emerald is the companion to Mercury, the ruling planet of the Solar system. Emerald is known to stimulate the brain activities such as learning, writing, drawing, speech, communication and memory. Additionally, it is also renowned as a stone for love and romance. Emerald is the stone for pacifying anger, boosting mental peace and fortifying the eye sight. It eradicates the bad effect of Mercury in one's life for which it is known as the Prince of the gems.

GomedDiscarding the ill-effects of Rahu and Saturn, Gomed is widely popular among the people nowadays. It confers health, wealth, prosperity, happiness, vitality and appetite on the wearer. It keeps the user away from diseases like cancer and phobias. It also acts as a shield against the effect of poison. It develops strong spiritual tendencies in the person.
PearlWhite in colour, Pearl is the gemstone beneficial for heart disorders, eye diseases, uterine disorders, pleurisy and others. Augmenting sexual potency, the pearl is the solution for any conjugal dispute. It is the sure shot solution for fortune and fame and has restored happiness to many. Pearl, also known as the Queen of Astrology, influences emotions, mind and memory to a satisfied level.

Peridot One of the primeval gemstones, Peridot is known to bring not only healing but also vitality to the entire body. It stimulates patience, assertiveness and confidence and helpps a person dispel negative emotions. The problems of kidney and gall bladder are healed by this precious and rare gemstone. Impediments in marriages are resolved soon with the use of Peridot.
Red Coral
Red CoralThis opaque red stone is meant for "Mangal" (Mars) and frees the person from the shackles of diseases and disorders related to Mars. It relieves the person from fever and cough and eliminates laziness at the same time. The change of colour of the stone spells the coming of any disorder to one's life. Related to activity, this stone boosts energy, courage, ambition, strength and others in a person.
RubyThis crystalline gemstone, being associated with the Sun, balances the Sun. Representing Authority, Self, Power, Body, Father and Health, this gemstone is regarded as the harbinger of devotion, happiness and integrity. It helps in the protection of home, children and worldly possession. The muscles and the sinews are nourished by the red ray of the stone.

Topaz Substituting the Yellow Sapphire, the Topaz is known to ward off the risks of attack or injury. A tested and trusted cure for mental disorders, hysteria, suicidal tendency, the Topaz is also known for the healing of mere cough and cold to jaundice, migraine, nervous disorders, indigestion, loss of appetite, burning sensation in the limbs, liver ailments and leprosy. Along with all these, this brings in happiness, wealth and prestige.

White Coral
White Coral White Coral is extremely effective against tropical fevers, jaundice, chicken pox, fistula and impotency. It purifies the impure blood and heals the diseases caused due to the same. It also heals Anaemia, lethargy, diabetes, inflammations, bronchitis and pneumonia. A boon for the marital life of the couples, White Coral is gaining popularity across the globe.
White Opal
White OpalActing more or less like caffeine, this gemstone is renowned as an energy booster. Found in Kandhar in Afghanistan, this precious and rare gemstone enhances beauty, communication skills, power as well as financial prosperity. Carrying the energy of the Sun and the Moon, the White Opal amplifies buried emotions, feelings and desires. It brings in happiness to one's conjugal and sex life. It is an effective cure against abortion, miscarriage and pre-natal complications.
Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire Suggested for the people born under the zodiac Sagittarius, the Yellow Sapphire is associated with knowledge, virtue, fortune, wisdom, justice, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity, children, distant travel and charity. It brings in health, wealth, fame, name and success. It restores harmony and peace to one's life by taking him out of angst and melancholy.

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