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The clear quartz crystal, also identified as mountain crystal or rock crystal, is one of the most sacrosanct stones of the ancient and present cultures. It is the quintessence of rock, the highest manifestation of the mineral kingdom. Crystal is usually milky white at the base and clear towards the tip. The milky white base denotes the Ying or female side and the clear part stands for the Yang or male side of the crystal. Crystal defends from evil eyes and negativity. They are one of the Feng Shui's great cures for the adjustment of Chi, and are used to invigorate an area or to energetically expand it.
Crystal Shree Yantra
Crystal Shree YantraWidely known as the symbol of well being, the Crystal Shree Yantra is an asset for everyone. Attainment of worldly desires, mental strength, harmony, peace, cosmic power and affluence is ensured to the user of this yantra. One is freed from the bondage of stress, insecurity, anxiety and bad luck with the use of it.
Crystal Tortoise
Crystal TortoiseSymbolizing longevity in all the aspects, this Crystal Tortoise not only harmonizes but also stabilizes the aura in and around someone and dispels off all the negative energy. If the crystal is placed in someone's office or home, the entire aura around the place is purified. It bestows long life to the user.
Crystal Ganesha
Crystal GaneshaAs Lord Ganesha is considered to be the deity of wisdom, this crystal is the restorer of wisdom to the user. Symbolising erudition, this crystal is known to catch light along with reflecting rainbows. It is an effective catalyst and is a receiver, conductor and transmitter of energy. It brings knowledge, good health and fortune to the user.
Crystal Hanuman
Crystal HanumanStrength, service and wisdom are the three qualities that this crystal boosts in the user. As the deity, Hanuman, is the personification of devotion and heroism. The user is sure to acquire mental and physical strength, knowledge, sincerity, loyalty, selflessness and more. It also incorporates within the self of the user a deep sense of devotion to the lord.
Crystal Tree
Crystal Tree This symbol of armour is the protector from all the bad and unfavourable elements. It bestows the user with relaxation and calmness. The individual begins to perceive the spiritual by means of re-energization of the Chakras. It brings in knowledge, prosperity in business, harmony in relationship and energetic behaviour to the user.
Crystal Pyramid
Crystal PyramidThis crystal is made as a replica to the great pyramids of Egypt and has sloping sides meeting each other at the top. It rectifies Vaastu by generating energy that contributes to healing processes. It is associated with the purification of the milieu. Every person should keep this crystal at home or his work station.

Crystal Globe
Crystal GlobeRepresenting a microscopic view of the earth, the crystal globe symbolically stands for the entire mankind. Renowned to enhance the business acumen of the people, this is high on demand across the globe. It is also used for the purification of the home and work atmosphere. It is also associated to the increase of intelligence in a person.
Crystal Toad
Crystal Toad Three leg crystal toad signify wealth and good fate. Crystal Toad have a coin in his mouth enhances one's prosperity and guards one's wealth. Toad is placed inside the home adjacent to the front door glancing into the room. Crystal Toad sits upon a pile of money-pots and coin with colored 'jewels'.

Crystal Sai Baba
  A celestial being, Sai Baba was known for their superlative godly powers. Sai Baba was pure at heart and never discriminated on the basis of religion, creed or caste. The person who comes to the rescue of Sai Baba he never go empted hands. Crystal Sai Baba assures health and happiness in one's house.

Crystal Shivling
Crystal Shivling Embodiment of Shivji, Crystal Shivling offered by us is an object infused with the blessings and power of Lord Shiva. Effective in rendering a strong bond in relationship, wealth, luck, protection against the evil, wisdom this Shivling is as pure as the soul of Lord Shiva.
Crystal Sun
Crystal Sun This crystal restores vivacity to the user as the Sun is the symbol of energy, whether it is of life or existence. All the hurdles that used to appear in the gush of energy are removed at once with the help of this crystal. It completely heals the body of all the evil forces and tranquilizes the spirit.
Crystal Om Pendant
Crystal Om Pendant The first sound that is connected to the inner being of everyone, 'Om', acts as a mirror to one's own self. It boosts the person to face every challenge posed by life. It helps the user to find clarity in life. The opaque bottom of the crystal becomes clearer as the struggles pass away from the user's life.

Crystal Ball
Crystal BallCrystal Ball is a glass or crystal ball by which one can penetrate the future. Crystal Ball is identified as a Shew stone. More transparent and clear than water crystal ball signifies victory of truth. Crystal ball renders huge positive energies and also assists in attaining position of high esteem.
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